Tuesday, 28 September 1999

Edinburgh Trial - Pictures and Words

Hi guys and girls.

I would love any Edinburgh pics you snap. Also any info on how you or your friends did, snippets of info etc for my report on the web site.

Michael Leete



  1. Hi Michael,

    How did you get on?

    Dad and I went to watch Bamford and Great Hucklow, but did not watch everyone as I had to get back to uni!!

    Anyway, Bamford was slow moving, and the majority were climbing it. However there were some heroics! Like hitting the steps at the top too fast and getting well airbourne! The steps half way up looked very big, with a steep face to them. The only way to climb it was to take it easy over them! David Hazledean (Golf) only just got up the hill (on 11psi). It was a real struggle at the top, as he was running out of power and grip. Apparently the roughest part of the hill was the gully at the top!! He was the only front wheel drive up that we saw. There were some very good attempts, and some looked as if they were not going to climb it but just seemed to keep going!

    Following reports of Hucklow being hard last year, we decided to go there too. There was a real mixed bag of vehicles getting up, and the 18psi limit for classes 6,7&8 really seemed to harm some, especially the beetles. The Alard of Ugalde (can not remember his chirstian name) is a trully magnificent thing. It is very big and heavy and did not have any problems. Adrian Tucker-Peake in his Pug climbed it, just, with a lot of commitment, and starting as far back as he could. So the pressure was on David. He did not know it though. He stopped in the middle of the box, and just drove up it and was lifting off half way up, and that was on 12psi. He made it look very easy, which it obviously was not, especially in front wheel drive. We did not see any class three climb it, five or six, and posibly two too.

    Just thought that I would let you know, what I observed. This is a trully magnificant idea of yours. I really hope that it takes off.


  2. Duncan,
    Thanks very much for joining the community and your stuff on the Edinburgh which I will build into my report. We failed Hucklow but I believe we got up the rest.
    Regarding the community I would like this to be for all trials enthusiasts and as you know I am a Classic man. Could you write a few words on the RAC/BTRDA scene for the Community as a message. I could also then put that on Classical Gas attributed to you?