Tuesday, 25 January 2005

scrapheap challenge

Did any one else see it.
Basically a track on the Yorkshire dales with Julian Fack as the expert.
It was stated that the track has been used since 1928.
Question is what section is it?


  1. I'm afraid to admit that I don't know where the section was, but ... wasn't it pathetic watching the buggy-like one grind to a halt with the two passengers strapped tightly into the rear seats and no bouncing! Even my daughters, who don't trial, were yelling at them to bounce. I thought Julian Fack was rather good although the best comment of all was made by the male presenter when he said that he thought all the teams would have been better-off if they'd made none of the pre-event mods. But that, of course, would not have made 'good television' would it? How diplomatic that they never actually showed Julian doing a 'proper' climb all the way in his Sporting Trials car - that would have shown just how dumb the Scrapheap Challenge teams were.   Andrew

  2. I'm afraid I don't know what the section is called but it was used on last years Ilkley Trial. Not a bad little section and as I recall most cars and bikes cleaned the section.   John L

  3. The section was indeed used on the Ilkley and was
    called Watergate. It did in fact continue past the finish line used on Scrap
    Heap Challenge, taking a 180 hairpin and ending further on. I only know
    this as we were allowed to walk the section. Whilst most cleaned it, a cracking
    section none the less, but unfortunately Baldrick ( note the lame excuse!!!)
    bogged down for some reason and I only got as far as the buggy. Was looking
    forward to this year to do better but my friendly surgeon says no as she will
    be inserting nasty metal bits into my ankle just prior to  this
    I had my money on the buggy making it to the top
    though. Just goes to show what I know.
    Myke Pocock.  

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  4. I agree Andrew a poor excuse for a program.   letting the tyres down would have helped...   Getting a buggy as far as a stretch mini diesel. Well that was an achievment.   Thanks Myke.   Mark

  5. what about the ice cream van a choice of classes at the turn of  a key ! 

  6. Having now watched my tape of this program......
    I have driven this section on three Ilkley trials, and whilst it is a good section, I don't think it has ever claimed any of the "serious" folk.    But in fairness the the scrappy racers, the difficult part is just above the stream, the mud is deep, and the camber on the approach prevents any rapid entry.   Once clear of that it is not too difficult up to the top, as the Icecream Van demonstrated.    Don't forget also that this machine was based on a Range-Rover chassis, and therefore probably had Range Rover tyres on.
    I agrred with the comment that all the mods were a waste of time, but I did have some hopes when the buggy team started to cut their tyres.    Alas, and the moral that we should all draw from the show, you cannot get decent tyres from a scrap yard.  

  7. Think you can beat the Scrappy Racers? Don't just talk about it, prove it.
    Have a go at Watergate on the Ilkley Trial   Sunday 22nd May.
    Regs should be mailed to all those on the ACTC List

  8. In a field of 33 cars on the Ilkley Trial yesterday, just 5 competitors were able to beat the scrapheap challenge:  Dean Partington & Boyd Webster's Cannons, my Buggy and Tim Foster's Ford Special plus the Austin 7 of event winner (on marks lost) Richard Parker.   Most of the field failed in the same place as the TV gang,  tho' special mention has to go to Tony Branson who hauled his Marlin up beyond the highest of the scrappy racers, only to be defeated by the final hairpin for a 1.
    Most of the Bikes just sailed up.