Thursday, 18 August 2005

reliant robins banned ?

I see the regs for the exe valley exclude 3 wheelers driven by 2 rear wheels is this just this trial or a ban for all trials  I for one would be sorry to see the likes of john beaumount and the old spot piglet to disapear


  1. This is NOT an ACTC or MCC ban.  This is a decision by CBCCC.   Although, strictly speaking it is against ACTC Championship Rules, it probably does not actually matter to ACTC as there are only "proper" outfits registered for the Red Rose bowl.    On the other hand, it is possibly a good move, as there are a number of Lomax style three wheelers out there who would like to do our events but are totally outclasssed and therefore put off by Old Spot Piglet.     When Duncan Welsh built the car it was a bit of fun, but I think it is now "past its sell by date" and needs to be retired for the overall good of the sport. 
    Whenever one vehicle totally dominates a class, any class, it has to be looked at closely with the greater good of all in mind.  Then if such domination is deemed to be detrimental to the sport legislation has to be introduced to attempt to re-level the playing field.   I think Duncan himself realised this and stopped using the car.    In this instance CBCC have made their decision, and we will all be watching to see if it is successful in atracting additional entries.
    (This posting is the personal opinion of Simon Woodall, and should not be taken as any official response from the Chair of ACTC Council) 

  2. Simons points show how hard it is if you are involved in the organisation of the sport. You are dammed if you do and dammed if you don't! OK the ban on trikes with two rear wheels keeps out the Old Spot Piglet and lets Lomax, Triking etc have a chance but what about the standard Reliant Robin? There have been some on MCC events. I for one hope this ban doesn't extend to the MCC at preclude the excellent John Beaumont taking part in his far from standard rear engined Reliant.   Simons point about cars dominating a class could certainly have applied to class 6 when the late Graham B was driving his type 4 engined 1303. My Beetle was in class 6 at the time and with a standard 1600 lump I stood no chance and as the organisers put in harder re-starts I stopped having fun and dropped down to class four.   Then there is class eight where Tony Youngs car is beyond the rescources of most competitors. Although it has tremendous advantages on cerain types of sections it fortunately hasn't yet achieved  "dominant" status. Interesting to know what would happen if it does!   Michael