Sunday, 16 October 2005

Tyre pumps

Does anyone have any suggestions to speed up the process of pumping up tyres at the end of a section? We currently use 2 small electric pumps but they do seem to take a long time. I noticed a pump/tank for sale on this message board last week, where can you get them from? I know that you can use a scuba diving bottle, how big do you need? Or a really powerful foot or hand pump? Any other suggestions?

Chris Clarke


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  2.   We have found a high spec electric to be the best in terms of both speed and reliabilty, these pumps are avilable from a number of suppliers and are used mainly in the 4WD world and should not be confused with an expensive but poor quaility model available from many motorests shops. The 2 most popular in the 4WD world are made by ARB or Matt Savage.

  3. Chris, The pump setup that Giles was selling is one of the kits that Dave Turner built (which I also have). Mine consists of 6ltr bottle, Land Rover/Range Rover  air suspension pump + cut-off valve & fittings etc.   Basically the bottle gets pressurised to around 130psi, this inflates first tyre very quickly (probably 20-30seconds). By then pressure has dropped to 90psi so motor cuts-in and assists for 2nd tyre (probably 90sec). Pump then continues to recharge the bottle as you drive away ready for next time.   I don't think Dave makes these any more but certainly you could try getting a Land Rover pump (or 2?) and either use them on their own try building your own kit.   P.S. Previous to this I used 6x cheap 12v compressors (innerds only - throw plastic cases away). I joined the outputs together using brake pipe "T" piecies so i had 3 for each wheel. This would pump both tyres at same time and took 2-3 mins or so.   Surprisingly this was quite reliable, the pumps lasted 3-4 years before burning out.   Keith.

  4. I use a CO2 Bottle.  Mine is based on a 7Kg Fire Extiguisher (thats the weight of the gas not the bottle) with the nozzle replaced by a welding regulator set to 80psi.    Both the fittings are the same thread.   With the Buggy a bottle lasts half a season, with a Beetle it used to last 2-3 events.    My local fire extiguisher company then refills it for me for just £3.50

  5. Sorry, forgot to mention - reflation time is about 15-20 seconds.   and the bottle is about 50cm tall.

  6. Chris

    Sorry for the delay I have been a bit off colour following a hart bypass
    opp. The answer to your question is the hose from the bottle was as long as
    I wanted it to be with a tyre inflating fitting on it when I bought it which
    the dive shop put on. This I found a bit awkward to use & I had to guess the
    pressure take the hose off cheque pressure with gauge. I unscrewed this
    fitting & fitted the inflator/gauge with a hose clip. Hope this is of use to


  7. Thanks very much to you all for these suggestions. I've got plenty to think about - little project for the Christmas holidays?