Sunday, 18 December 2005

Imp Engines

I need some help in trying to identify which gearbox fits on the back of a imp engine without an adaptor plate. I seem to remember that one of the cars on the ACTC's stand at the Historic Motorsport show had this arrangement. Anyone got any ideas?


  1. one that springs to mind, is the box that was fitted in the chrysler(Talbot) Sunbeam 1.0 litre. This was a rear-drive hatchback based on the Avenger floorpan, using a 1 litre engine based on that used in the Imp previously. The other engines used , I think, were a 1300 and 1600cc ex-Hillman Avenger motors, using the Hillman/Chrysler/Talbot gearbox.(not forgetting the Lotus version?)   At a guess, the gearbox used in the Imp-based powertrain is the same as used with the others??     why an Imp engine?   why not a nissan micra engine?

  2. Imp engine because I happen to have one laying about and I have a Alexis trials car without an engine.

  3. dont know if this is any help to you I have a adaptor plate and a viva gear box removed from a ntf trials car it was on the back of a imp sport motor which was slant mounted in the car 01579320473 if you need more info