Sunday, 21 June 2009

Lots of Trials Cars for sale

Well, three actually.
Geoff Stone is selling his Suzuki X-90 on E-Bay. This is a ready to go car.
or Item Number 120435422233 if you prefer. The car is in Derbyshire.

John White is selling his Golf powered buggy, another pretty much ready to go car.
He's joined the Class 4 club. The car is in Oxfordshire.

And finally Chris Poel is selling his buggy on E-Bay. Chris is better known as a whizz on 2 wheels, and wanted to try something different but has never quite got round to finishing this one.
or Item Number 160342312959
The car has lots of the legal requirement stuff done; Fire Extinguisher, Number Mounts, Bash Plate etc, but still needs a little work to bring it up to standard: Exhaust and Spare Wheel Mount, but would suit some one who has more time than money. The car is in Warwickshire just off the M42

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  1. I have also got my Marlin trials car on ebay Essex/Cambrridge border.Nick Cross 07974 110449