Friday, 4 September 2009

Clee Hills Trial Help Session Sunday 6th September

I would like to thank all of those who volunteered, but alas, no one did.
We had just one response and that was a negative.    I can only assume that none of you want to bother to take part in this trial.   Should we knock it on the head now rather than waste our time all winter? 


  1. Hiya Simon,
    On the one occasion that I entered the Clee the weather had been awful and devastating floods surrounded the area. Are several of the sections normally susceptible to closure due to soft ground, leading to an event with only eight or nine sections or was that a one-off? My point is that even after closure of a number of sections the remaining event should still be worth the journey for the marshals and the competitors. If only the occasional one section is normally lost then fair enough, otherwise I'd suggest planning enough on good ground to lose a few and still leave at least a dozen sections. The possible lack of enough consistently available 'good ground' rather suggests it's own answer to your question.
    Not a popular opinion maybe, or is that I voice it in a helpful attempt to answer your question, whilst others sit at home and keep quiet?
    I sincerely hope that all the folk who will be enraged at my comments will enter the event and it will be the huge success that it deserves to be.

  2. Simon keep battling on, some of us know the mamouth effort it takes to put a trial on, some competitors don't. As you know 'we' dave, keith and myself are right in the thick of it so to speak with the Torbay I can honestly say Keith as secretary has put in at least 80 hours [2 working weeks worth of time to date] to get this event up and running again, only last evening keith and I rushed away from work to get extra P R signatures to try and overcome a potential loss of section due to very difficult parish council situation .Any competitor who complains, especially when we are such a small organising team just as well not bother to enter again or if he or she doe's the entry form will probably hit the litter bin......

  3. well said greg .good luck simon and co and yes for the seventh year in row i shall be competing on clee hills all going well your end ,one of my fav events in class 3 or 7 cheers arnie