Friday, 1 January 2010

It's a long shot, but...

In my "local" there's a blown up photo of the outside of the pub from what appears to be pre-war times. Nothing remarkable about that except there's a large number of people, cars, bikes and sidecars around and a large banner proclaiming "FINISH".

Looking more closely at the banner there's a logo that looks to have the words "Motor Cycling" on it. I thought it might be the MCC but hunting around the net, the closest thing I can find to the script / font used on the banner looks to be from Motor Cycling magazine - see

Anyone any ideas of the event? The pub is The George in the Tree and the town is Balsall Common.

Next time I'm passing with a camera I'll get a photo.


  1. John,

    The Birmingham MC used to run a trial round by "us" I think it was called the Victory Cup trial. I've got an award "spoon" from the BMC that my grandfather won in the late 1920's. Can you post the newspaper photo? I think Brian Osborn has an old routecard.


  2. Will aim to get a photo this weekend