Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Closing at the End of November

Multiply, the site host, has announced that the social networking functions of the site will be closing at the end of November. (See the first comment). Thats unfortunate but that's the way it is. I will be giving some thought to the future but meanwhile I recommend the Classical Gas Facebook Page which has been operating for a while now.

As some of you know there is a lot of history stored here and I plan to archive it so it is available in the future. I am not 100% sure of the best way to do this but that's the plan.

Some of you may have stuff stored on your own account that you want to keep. You can download this to your computer using the media locker.



  1. New idea. As I use The Classical Gas Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/classictrials as an extension of my Web Site I have reopened the Classic Trials FB Group http://www.facebook.com/groups/28567630130/

  2. sorry to hear this news this comes just as im about to advertize my peugeot 205 trials car for sale
    2lt 8valve twin 45s sump and tank guard 306 front legs raised rear beam in board lines plastic rear seats 4pin diff £850 mob 07791063236

  3. Get on the ACE site sign up get involved its less than six weeks away, if we sit on our hands and pretend nothings wrong we will be dead in the water.
    Get involved with Kev at ACE, After all we all go out and earn our own wages and don't expect others to do it for us so don't sit back and let others protect your rights for you and then sit back and reap the benefits.
    Get there and sign up.

  4. This is off topic. Please keep to the topic of a thread. - Michael