Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I hope everyone knows, by now, that this site has less than two months to run and is being replaced by a Facebook Group. Although initially sceptical, and not previously a Facebook member, I'm now convinced that this is the correct way forward. I also know that many of you will be nervous about becoming involved with Facebook, so here is a simple guide for those who are not currently members of Facebook but wish to join for the sole purpose of using the Classical Gas Discussion Group.

1. Go to http://en-gb.facebook.com/ and Sign Up. You must use your real First Name and Surname or you will not be allowed to join the group.

2. Go to http://www.facebook.com/groups/classictrials/. You will be able to see the Group, and read the posts, by you cannot start a post or comment on a existing post. Click "Join Group" - towards the top right of the screen - and a message will be sent to Michael.

3. After Michael has approved your membership (you will receive an email notification), you will have full access to Write Posts and Comment on existing posts.

There are a few other points:

Generally use Write Posts to start a post, Ask Question is similar but includes a poll which members can vote on.

Posts and Comments within the Group are completely separate from posts made in your News Feed. You can ignore the News Feed completely if you intend to use Facebook for the Classical Gas Discussion Group only.

You do not need to include Group members as Facebook Friends. Indeed you can ignore the whole Friends function completely if you intend to use Facebook for the Classical Gas Discussion Group only.

That's all I can think of for starters. Give it a try, and give it a try as soon as possible, the clock is ticking for the end of Multiply!

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