Thursday, 16 December 1999


Hi everyone,
Great to get the Exeter stuff thru' yesterday. It reminds me of how little time there is to get the car ready! Can I put in a plug for marshals. Anyone who would like to marshal would be welcome to join the Falcon Motor Club team on Clinton near Sidmouth.
Clinton sarts around 2 am so you can be home for a late breakfast if you live locally.
If you would like to join the Falcon team on Clinton contact Arnold Lane on his wife Andrea's e-mail


  1. I must have one of the few cars, my Vincent, that when I get to "tyre pressure" sections I have got to pump up my tyres. I normally run on road pressures of 12psi all round, and then lower the backs to about 7psig for the normal hills and down to 4psig for hills like Simms. Any pressure above 15psig on the road has the car feeling like the suspension has been welded up.I remember the days on Simms, that when you got away from the restart, you could drive up the right hand side and get all the onlookers to dive back into the brambles! Not that I ever used to do that of course. This was in the early nineties, now there seems to be only one route up, if you are lucky, and that involves pedal to the metal driving.        

  2. I'm looking forward to "pedal to metal" on Simms. Watch out any spectators! I'm sure Michael is correct re wheelspin being necessary - especially in a 1300 Beetle.  

  3. As you say not long to go and still things to do! Have you all noticed that Classes 7 & 8 have the same tyre pressures on Sims @ 18 psi !Still looking forward to another overnight trip - not too cold I hopegood luck to everyone MikeW    147

  4. I' m not sure what has come over the Exeter organisers. Last year 83% of class 8 failed Simms with a 15psi limit and noone in that calss got a gold. 68% of class 7 stopped on Simms with no pressure limit. I'm sure that I am really happy to have to attempt Simms with a pressure limit that has been set to stop the likes of Julian Dommett, Arthur Vowden and Roger Bricknell. I hope they think better of it on the day.Tony

  5. I have a lot of sympathy for this view. The only time I ever climbed Simms in Class six was when there was no re-start. With a re-start I could never get up with my standard engine. I used to think that Ken Green was determined to stop Graham Brazier in his type 4 machine! I see that this year class six don't have a re-start and there are no type 4 Beetles entered!I understand that the MCC committee are never quite sure how to cope with the big variation in ability of cars and drivers in their events. Some years they seem to give everyone a chance and accept all the aces get triples but are bored to death in the process. Another year it's "stop the aces". Seems year 2000 is one of those.It would be interesting to hear other comments. If you are not a member E-Mail me and I will post your commenmts on your behalf.btw - What do people feel about tyre pressures on Simms? I have always thought you shouldn't go to low as a bit of wheel spin is necessary on the upper reaches to keep the engine from bogging down.Michael