Friday, 23 March 2007

Different Class 8 Car For Sale

Have a look at:-
This car competed in the Ilkley Trial last summer, so it is a good runner.
Don't be put off by the asking price, as I know that this guy picked the car up at Bonhams in November for £2,275   (check it out at   Just the thing for someone who like their Classic Trials to be "Classic".


  1. gosh Simon..whilst perusing the Bonhams site, I noticed what must be the Bedford Astravan sale of the century..??   22ks for an astravan?   or have I missed something?     the Cranham Special looks to have been a 'sporting' trials car at some time...not sure I like the single shocker front axle?  

  2. And if the Cranford doesn't appeal, have a look at:- or