Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Passenger needed.....

I am in need of a passenger/bouncer/navigator/sack of spuds for my Liege in the March Hare Trial this weekend. Can't promise any silverware, or even getting to the finish, but it'll be fun. Any takers??
Mark Worsfold


  1. Hey Mark - Have you got a bouncer yet? Let me know either here or by email at classictrials@googlemail.com Its Falcon clubnight tomorrow (Wednesday) so we can fix you up then if you still need one. - Michael

  2. Hi Mark,   If not already arranged, I shall be more than happy to oblige. - A useful prelude to my intended foray as a 'pilot'.   Contact through the forum, or John.Plant@hotmail.co.uk, 01268 728667, 07962 897318.   John Plant.

  3. Hello Mark,   What about King Edward? I understand he'll do anything in return for a fry-up, especially when the chips are down. Mind you, watch out for his old boiler, she's likely to S-mash your face! Just like Bernard Matthews, you'll be roasted!   Hope you get sorted and peeled! Watch out for Skodas!!