Saturday, 11 April 2009

Lands End Trial 2009

I've been a marshal on various motor sport events over the years but since I've been trialing, this was my 1st MCC marshals duty.
I was one of the team of marshals on Crook Horn Hill - Observed Test No 1 and was amazed at the number of competitors who didn't know what to do as regards to line B, my position. Many waited for some sort of signal from me as to when to start after they stopped, or didn't know that they had to stop astride line B or roll/drive back and then drive forward and stop astride line C. It was a "Special Test" NOT a re-start. The most at fault were the bikers, Now I know it's difficult reading the route card/instructions on your own and in the dark and I, as a driver have a bad memory and constantly ask my navigators to repeat instructions to me, but come on guys an girls we all read the instructions before the event don't we, so that on the night all we need is a quick look as a reminder.
Having said all that I had a great night out seeing the effort and skill displayed by the vast majority of competitors and will appreciate even more the dedication of the regular marshals who do it week after week.
If I marshal the same post next year please check what you're supposed to do BEFORE you arrive at line B of the observed test.
I'm off now to catch up on some more sleep, like most of you.


  1. I have/am putting images of Bridgwater, Beggars Roost, and Blue Hills 2 on my web site,
    I am putting them on, as taken. non photoshopped at present. I realise that some of them are Carp, but as there are several hundred of them, it is the quickest way. Please be patient, I am using the site autoloader and it is slow.

  2. Hi John

    That is a good shot of Dad's Imp on Beggar's.

    I think they really capture an MCC trial well and show the gradient. Competitors through the gloom!!


  3. I enjoyed my Lands End. Not a great result on the score sheet though! I failed both Rodneys Revenge and Cutliffe Lane because I didn't give either enough "commitment". That was the same as last year for me as was c**king up BH2. What was different is getting off both the Beggars and Darracott restarts so I have made some progress.

    Interesting how some of the sections incorporate artificial "chicanes" now. I'm thinking off Beggars, Darracott and Lady Vale (where there was lots of tape used to define the course). I haven't looked but is it actually written down that you get a fail for hitting artificial markers?

    I don't think I was the only person to struggle getting off the start line at Lady Vale which was on a fair old gradient.

    Running towards the front of the cars we finished pretty much on time just after 15.00. I think the last car must gave finished around 19.30 as we saw the Panda Course Closing car pulling into Scorier when we returned for a meal at the pub next door.

    We experienced a delay when we were balked on Sutcombe when a late running Bike had an incident on the restart and we were stationary on the hill for quite a while whilst it was sorted out. Earlier we watched the dawn break waiting for half an hour in a queue for Cutliffe Lane while the bikes were still going through.

    The only thing I would criticise is the restart at Felons Oak. After last year we were prepared for the boards to be close together but really....

    Congratulations to Roger though, he even organised the weather.


    PS - You can click this link for Johns photos (You need to put the http:// in front to make it a hyperlink John)

  4. I think that had I been on a smaller machine things would have been easier! Fell off just before the restart at Felons, some big tree roots there, Cutliffe Lane very rough up on the left side and on the lane out I was nearly under the bike several times! Darracott restart had tape along right hand side where I restarted - did I touch? Warlegan was just about OK Lady Vale to Bishops Wood OK on bikes, Blue Hills 1 - I slipped off sideways under the machine , the Marshalls pushed me over the top, I think they did that a few times! On a heavy machine no restart would have been challenging enough, but how do you provide a test for the 250cc trials bikes when we all did the same tests? Will not be doing again on my 650cc Triumph, it felt too dangerous at times. Blue Hills 2 was a stroll in the park by comparison with some of the other sections and was a delight to do.
    John Lees

  5. We had a great time but didnt get up many hills but did get up rodneys revenge when lots of others were coming back down. May put mini wheels on next year to get in the box on felons oak. having 3 punctures and blowing fuses we got to the end

  6. Excellent Photos - how did you get the jpeg number on Bluehills the same as my birthday? Glad you didn't get us at Beggars - its the only one we failed due to not testing the new grip level and starting will too little throttle. Still always next year. Well done to all the organisers and marshals.


  7. Nice pictures of Beggars by Colin on the Liege Site. Shows the tape so everyone goes thru' the restart area this year.

  8. Great trial my passenger was Sean Moriarty from Motorsport News . We failed cutliffe and the restart on darracott. Sean will do a report for this weeks paper and a major report in a couple of months on classic trials. He was mighty impressed with the range of vehicles and the range of type of section. He couldn't believe the severity of some sections and where we expected to take a car- - and he's from a motorsport background.He did enjoy himself though.