Thursday, 2 April 2009

Photos of the Kyrle and the MGCC Trial

At last I've got round to posting the photos of my last two events.

The MGCC Trial at Lintridge Farm was a great day out, with relative few entries, some double driven, and all the sections fairly close I've organised this trial by Make of car rather by section, but I think it works OK.

The Kyrle I've organised by section. I did Jack & Jill, and Frans Folly and as usual had a great time.

Now has anyone any good ideas where I should be for the Lands End?

Dave Cook


  1. Top job with the photos once again Dave, glad you had as much fun as we did.

  2. I agree with John.

    If you want night shots you could go to Beggars Roost, then off to Crackington. Cutliffe Lane might be OK but it will partly be in the dark and you are on a bank looking down on the cars.

    Lots of hairpins and fairly fast cars on Daracot and picturesque setting at Sutcombe.

  3. Dave - I'd go for Darracott if you haven't been to the event before. It's nice and easy to get to - - and, because of the hairpins, you have two options for sun angle. And ... you can always compare your pics with the PreWar ones!

  4. Hi Dave - As fantasic as Crackington is as a driver it doesn't work photograhically as the way the early morning llight comes through the overhanging trees is more than the cameras exposure metre can cope with. I know as I went there for a couple of years during my "sabatical".


    I know you have been to Darracott last year so you know what that is like.

    I would recommend Surtcombe. I know it will be dark when the first bilke arrives at 04.15 but it has a wonderful atmosphere. No problem to park at the top of the hill. The ladies of the village open their house for refreshments. You can talk to competitors while they partake of breakfast while you take pictures of the rocky restart, you can go down the hill to the ford....


  5. Michael.....

    FORD - you expecting rain?? It looks like its going to be another very dry Lands End.


  6. Hi Duncan,

    I think there is always a Ford at the bottom of Sutcombe. its a small river rather than a stream