Sunday, 19 July 2009

Practical Classics on the Bovey Down Trial

The article that resulted from two Practical Classics journos entering two unsuitable vehicles on this year's Bovey Down trial has been published. Not overly exciting but they clearly enjoyed it and we have some free and fairly benign publicity as a result. Michael how do I attach PDFs or could I just email them over to you to work your technical magic?


  1. Ian - On this occassion could you email the pdf's to me and I will sort.

    At this moment in time you can't attach them to a message yourself. However, I plan to change this but I would like to do this properly later on.


  2. They came and did an Autosolo on Sunday too completing the series having also done a grass autotest. Be interesting to see what they wrote about Classic Trials....didnt even seem to be taking photos! The Hillman Minx had broken down the day before so got swapped for a smart Scimiter SS1...

  3. Follow the link to find the article