Saturday, 13 November 1999

John's Bike

John Lees has added a picture of his Triumph to the Phoro album. I believe this is the machine he won his triple on this year so it can't be that un-suitable John.
Also belated congratulations on your triple.
Perhaps this is a good opportunity to say that members can post photo's to the photo album and add items to the recommendations section. This feature was added in a system up-date by Microsoft last week. That's why the communoties were down last Sunday.
It maybe that there are other things you can do on the community. Go ahead and experiment.

1 comment:

  1. At last motorbikes are starting to spread amongst the classic trials of the ACTC series, and I'm extremely glad to see one like this has been so successfull in the three MCC Classics this year.There is something so fundamentally 'right' about a machine such as this trouncing all the made-to-race-from-the-crate Universal Japanese Trail bikes. Classic trials is really about using the most 'standard' machinery, or the MCC stuff is. The ACTC triallers get a little too competitive for my liking, sometimes.I have placed a lovely picture of John on his bike in the latest TRIPLE. When it's been published, I'll try to let this community have a copy for the benefit of visitors that aren't MCC members.Congratulations, John. Perhaps you'd be good enough to let me have an article on it for the next edition!Steve Harris