Wednesday, 17 November 1999

The CROSSBY SPECIAL trials car

Ladies & Gentlemen, I am need of some help. I realise that this has been said many times before, but this time it's trials related.
The latest edition of the MCC's TRIPLE will carry an article on the above car, a Vauxhall engined device from the 50's. The writer of the article would dearly love to know what has become of it today, even though it is believed that the last location is somewhere in Kent.
The VRM is EXW 513. Read all about it soon, as they say.

Steve Harris
By way of a PS, 'logging on' or booking in, or whatever Bill Gates' cronies call it, ain't easy - it took me the best part of 20 mins and a few re-runs, but I'm in at last. A member of your elite squad of trials contributors..........

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