Thursday, 18 November 1999



I have put some photo's that I took on the Edinburgh this year, and the Land's End last year in the album.

Any ideas how I could improve the photo's that I take of you all competing?



  1. The photos look very good to me , No 223 would appear from the programme to have been Alan Grassam and Neil Evans in a PA. I do have problems reducing photos to an acceptable size and yet maintain quality.

  2. Duncan,I like photo's where you can see the person clearly, even if its through the window waiting in a queue. Also where you have an interesting feature such as a section ends board. Then people action pics such as puming tyres etc - the human angle.Most of the Dick Lankester, Derek Hibbert etc pics are always taken on the same hills, in the same place and after a while they all look the same. The other thing is the flash reflects on the screen and you can't see the driver!Michael