Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Roger Pole Taw & Torridge Start Times

Competitors should note that it is the number that is on the entry list that is your correct number.   The organisers snuck two late bike entries in after the scrutineering cars had been printed and this shuffled all the numbers along.
For those who are struggling with the maths of half minute start intervals, I recon that the first car starts at 09:20hrs and the last at 09:55hrs.
Enjoy your day.. 


  1. Call me a N Devon boy (which I am - even though I've lived in Cornwall for a long time, married a "Maid" and drive a Beetle) but I thought this was a great start to the autumn.  I think it was both helped and hindered by the rain - helped in that most sections were softened up and made more competitive and less damaging (although I hear that Simon W may have something to say about that!), hindered by the delay on the first section with almost all cars having to be towed up.  Great climb by Tommy and Clive on that first section - oh to have that torque.  Class 4 was a good ding dong but congrats to Dave Dyer who I think ended up a pretty convincing winner.  Where were the Class 6 cars?? Pete Barr

  2. OK, I'll come clean since my fan base seemed to be burning the telephone lines enquiring as to what happened.   I thumped a tree - you know, one of those strange green things that seem to leap out at you in the middle of sections.    It’s the classic tale - a minor ignition problem combined with letting the tyres down too far and therefore having to gun the motor more than one should.   Too much speed, far too little directional control and "ouch!"  nearside rear wing all gone.    But the fortunate thing about plastic motorcars is, having retrived the remains of the wing from the section, I can glue it back on.   So now I'm up to my ears in fibreglass mat and resin.  75% on me, 25% on the car and the crazy thing is - my next planned event is Ebworth!   Why am I bothering?    We both got very dirty for the rest of the trial but it was worth it.    I thought it was a good event, a nice mixture of sections.  We struggled a little with the routecard - I still don't know where Court Barton Farm is (the routecard asked us to return to it).   We cleared the restart on Cutliffe Lane which we don't usually  and had a very satisfying climb of Hessenford after nearly losing it totally on the adverse camber that lead to the start line.
    How was your RPT&T?

  3. Went to help Clive Kalber who was stuck on his way to the first hill, got covered head to toe for my troubles, then got well beaten on the hill by Mike C. Whilst waiting at Aidrians Isle, slipped and fell into the biggest puddle around and needed a change of pants, then punctured and lost more ground to Mike. Arrived home late and had a big row with the missus.   Cant wait for the next one, PS the fat lady was humming but she aint singing yet Mike...   And where was class 6??..

  4. Had a great day out with Dudley in the MG.
    After the first section, where we had a 9 after not getting round the first corner we had a clear day.
    Mind you, I though several times we were going to clobber the odd tree or three. We do have a query on Cutliffe because we may have stopped a bit short on the Restart box with only one wheel in, but we got off it , but slowly.. Time will tell.
    Didn't see another competirior from Section 13 onwards and finished a good half hour before Ian Davis arrived. Heavan knows what happened to the rest of the field.
    I agree with Simon's remarks on the road book. Only the use the OS map and a few inspired guesses got us back on the correct route after the change of order of the sections before Cutliffe..
    Jolly good day though. I was back in my local pub in Havant having scorched back to Lyndhurst through some surprisingly light traffic. Change of steed now for the Edinburgh and back with Stuart in the Troll, but I'm having another bash in the MG on the Tamar. Looking forward to that.