Monday, 12 September 2005

Vehicular Rights

Saw this in the paper.

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  1. This is an important test case, brought by Alan Kind and the TRF, to clarify the position on RUPPs (already) reclassified as bridleways following revised defra advice in April 2004. In principle, defra's (revised) guidance was that once a track had been reclassified from RUPP to bridleway, all vehicular rights were extinguished for ever. The result of this latest ruling is that precedent returns to the previous 'status-quo', i.e. although a track (previously a RUPP) may have been reclassified as a bridleway, there is no reason why it cannot be further re-classified as a BOAT if new evidence of vehicular use is found and proven.   As far as classic trialling is concerned, this is mainly of academic interest as there are very few, if any, tracks that we currently use, or plan to use, which fit the very narrow situation covered by this case.   Andrew