Thursday, 3 November 2005

Differential starts

Just an idea following Dave's comments on the Tamar...
Had a lightbulb moment while pondering all this earlier - why not have differential start lines but for all novices, not just class 1?  As Dave quite rightly points out, he doesn't need the advantage but wants to find ways of encouraging new participants.  Thinking back two years, I would have found differential start lines to be a big encouragement.
See you on Sunday,

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  1. we could make increased use of the coloured-dot system currently in place for restarts?   Or...introduce a further colour, applicable to ALL classes of vehicle, where the driver deems themselves/or is deemed to be either a novice, or perhaps to fall within the current class 0 scheme?   By this, I mean, still following the same route as everybody else, but exempt from any class award system?   This would allow a novice, or someone with what may be now considered a less-than-competitive vehicle (if there is such a beast), to learn the skills, AND be able to make some sort of direct comparison with the efforts of the experienced competitor?   After all, being able to compare one's performance, section by section, is useful?   Of course, an award or recogniton of any competitor finishing is to be encouraged...?   Although all this may mean extra admin for the organiser, surely not insurmountable in this IT-driven age?   perhaps also, for those competitors who take advantage of the above, but who may still be entered for the ACTC championships, and who do well within the group, some sort of 'points' recognition system?   not, perhaps, as many points as a 'real'(? sorry) competitor, a differential is needed obviously....but if performances are to be recognised, even from a 'novice', something is warranted to create encouragement?