Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Edinburgh Result??

I've just been looking through the summary of Edinburgh results and see that Mike Chatwin has been given the overall. However shouldnt this have gone to Richard Peck in his Class 6 Beetle as he got a Gold and had a faster speed test time. Does anyone know if this is an error in the results?


  1. Good point ... and I wonder why this wasn't brought to Gerry Woolcott's attention when the Provisional Results were published? The Class 6 results do, however, raise yet another interesting issue on the application of the MCC "One Up" Rule. I don't think it was ever envisaged that an entire class "Running-Back" would count as the entire class failing for the purposes of applying the "One-Up" Rule. I'm sure the intention, although maybe not the letter, of the Rule was for it to apply to sections that stopped everyone 'properly' as, for example, Litton and Great Hucklow did for Class 6.   Andrew

  2. See today's MCC News of the Week - from this link:   Andrew