Sunday, 20 November 2005

WANTED - help to claim a byway!

I guess this is a wanted ad really! Sorry for a bit of hijacking but at the end of the day the outcome might be nutually helpful.

I am trying to catch up on a few claims that are for lanes where Devon County has just plainly got the status wrong and hasn't got it sorted in the 50 years they have had to do so thus leaving it to us amateurs.

I am desparate for some user evidence forms for the old road that goes under the North Devon link road at Riverton (SS6382 2999 to SS 6386 2976) which is wrongly designated as Swimbridge Bridleway 20. The section used on the MCC LE Trial is the southern end of the bridleway where it magically transmogrifies into a County Road - clearly a nonsense that I must try and sort out. I understand that the NDMC might use this route as well.

If you know anyone that has used this old road and is willing to help, can they please email me at briansussex[@] and I will return a reply with a pre-filled evidence form template.

I am already in touch with Roger Ugalde and hoping to hear back from John Barthram.


In this case with my Devon TRF Group RoW Officer's hat on....

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  1. This section was also used on the Holsworthy "Taw
    Torridge" Trial for many years.

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