Monday, 9 January 2006

Vintage/Classic car Trials

Hi all
Advise greatfully recieved!
I have a 1929 Morris Minor Tourer, which is kept as it left the factory (you need to, to run in Light car events in the vscc). Trouble is the vscc only run 1 light car trial a year. They do run 5 other trials but these are a bit tough on a 20bhp car, as they are designed around specials and very poweful vintage cars (you probably know about the GNs and Nash's that are chain driven to a solid back axle, and some have about 150 bhp as well!)
So i was wondering, are there any other suitable trials out there for my type of vehicle?
20 bhp sounds very poor, but with it's light weight, short wheelbase and very good ground clearance, these Minors and the similiar Austin 7 Chummies can worry themselves up some interesting sections
By the way, the light car vscc trial is held on 2/4/06 near Llandrindod Wells, if anyone has a pre 1931 car with modest weight & power!


  1. I would suggest joining the M.C.C.   they organise the 3 big long distance Classic Relaibility Trials each year..which pre-date the Morris nicely.   For your car, you can enter Class 0, a class designed to cater for either novices, or those not wishing to risk inflicting damage on their steeds..Class 0 follows the general trials route, with certain deviations.....and is exempt from the general trials awards system, naturally.   If you feel the urge, then you could enter the MAIN trial in class 2...check out the MSA blue book for vehicle regs....   Another parallel option is for you to join the ACTC...which gets you registered in a coupla national championships...not that I suppose you intend going for the titles..I certainly don't....but it DOES get you the regs for  every local-club-run classic reliability trial...most of which run either a class 0 , or a class2 to suit your needs.   one cannot get much more standard than the 1920's Trojan that potters through all the major trials.....brave souls.   Google the MCC (motorcycle club) and the ACTC...'cause I don't know how to HTML on this site... for full details of membership and events.....a lot seem to be open to invitation to the VSCC anyway.   are the VSCC trials THAT tough?

  2. I didn't think that they were rough although several years since i saw a VSCC trial.   I have a big soft spot for the GN and late Fraser Nash's. Dad might even get around to getting "Annie" on the road and back on a trials section in the future. But 150bhp? The 3500cc single seater or blown meadows Nurburg maybe but in trial trim? Even with a 2000cc AC I would have thought that more than a little over egging the pudding. Snapped chains & broken bevel boxes come to mind. Somebody has been having you on squire.   However the VSCC does seem to allow car built from bits which as far as i can see are Specials made out of pre war stuff which would probably have a good go at Class 7.

  3. Have a look at the ACTC site   The Clee Hills is on soon with a Class 0 route and as i think you are in Wales it is just over the border.   regards Mark

  4. My experience of VSCC trials is currently limited to marshalling & spectating on the 'Derbyshire' (I hope to compete next year in my Morgan Series 1 PVT if the rebuild is complete) and although there are some pretty exotic entrants such as FN/GNs, Bugattis etc the greater part of the field is made up of more mundane and less powerful cars such as Ford A's and Austin 7's; and the nature of the trial reflects this.   The sections tend to be muddy rather than rocky using farm tracks and pegged out courses on fields, similar to Production Trials.  A few sections are in quarries but use the old tracks within them which again are just muddy without sump breakers.   The 7's probably form the largest single manufacturer/model contingent within the trial - whether trials specials, ulster/sports bodied or standard saloons. As many would claim the Minor a far better & more advanced car than the 7 you should stand a good chance.   This years event is on the 4th March & I suggest you try and get to it to Marshall/spectate (I am sure entries have already closed) - I think you will be pleasantly surprised.   If after viewing some more VSCC trials you still consider them too rough for your car then I would be wary of entering even Class 'O' in MCC events. Although there are many sections that are smooth, and indeed some tarmacadamised hills, there are sections far worse than those on the 'Derbyshire'. I am thinking particularly of 'Adrians Way' and the forested sections before it on the 'Lands End' & 'Great Hucklow' (even without the main trial deviation) on the 'Edinburgh'. Perhaps, if this is the case, less rough Production Car events would suit you better.   However don't be too dismissive of your 20bhp, I first campaigned my Morgan trike in MCC Class 'E' with the original 'Ford 10' (about 22hp) and was amazed at the hills we cleared and those we got up with just a little pushing by the marshalls!  Also in any trial the potential of a section to cause damage is the product of the roughness of the section and the speed at which you attempt it, I have seen many 7s slowly chug towards a clear with no damage on sections where more powerful cars have flown up denting wings & damaging exhausts.   The Pre-War Austin 7 club hold an annual trial at Ashover, using some of the 'Derbyshire's' sections, just after Christmas each year and the VSCC is generally invited.   Good luck at what ever level you decide to have a go with the Minor, and let us know how you get on.    Yours, Richard