Thursday, 27 April 2006

starting trailing

hi all
i have been thinking about starting trailing but i'm not to sure as to were to start i have a car that i could use its a marina 1800tc coupe it has a lot of ground clearence and is fairly powerfull but is there anything else i sould consider i know i wouls need some kind of skid over the petrol tank and sump, also what would i need to do to be able to take part in events i not perticualy interested in compotions i just want to do it for fun.  


  1. Hi Tony - Can you do me a favour and sign your posts with your real name as you didn't use it as your nickname. Its in our rules that you must use your real name. I know its Tony Haley but others don't unless they probe into the sub menus.   Michael

  2. ok i will next time sorry about that i compleatly fogot

  3. Tony - The skidding you describe is the first step. You also need to make sure general preperation is good. Hoses wires secure etc. You also need a decent set of rear tyres, with tubes. Regarding first events then I would suggest either your local PCT or Class 0 in an MCC event. Neither should be to rough and should enable you to check the car out before going onto the rougher stuff.   You should also consider getting roller bearings in the diff and using synthetic oil. More details on Andrew Browns site in the technical section.   Michael