Thursday, 31 July 2008

LPG Conversion

Hi.  Has anyone converted a 1.7 'O' series to LPG?  Is there a problem in running LPG in trials?  Do the rules allow it?  Any information would be good and gratefully received.


  1. There is no rule against it as such.  In fact LPG is very popular with the Sporting Trials fraternity.    Your problem would be "where do I refill it" on long events such as the Lands End.   Where on a Marlin would you put the tank?   You would need to convince the scrutineer that it was "safe".   Anything directly underneath the car would be a No-No, and the rules do prohibit the carrying of external gas cylinders.
    So not only would you not be able to refill it on the Lands End, you'd have nowhere to put your spare knickers either!
    On the plus side tho', the Kyrle offers an award for the best performance by a car not propelled by petrol, on current form you would win that hands down every year!

  2. Hi Simon.  The idea would be to duel fuel.  If no gas, switch to petrol.  As for fill points, Cornwall is pretty well served.  As for tanks, a vertical tank would still leave access to a limited area of boot.  I am just toying with the idea.  I would imagine that the extra weight may be a positive contribution!