Monday, 18 August 2008

Bristol MC&LCC

Since re-patriating my HRG from the USA some three weeks ago, I have been delving into its history. The latest gem is that it was the first car entered in the first car race (event 2 , 1 being for motorcycles) to be run by the Bristol club at their new Castle Combe circuit in July 1950. The driver is still going strong at 80 years of age and is digging out some photos for me.
I gather from the Castle Combe archivist that there is a BMC & LCC video "Bristol Motor Sport" that shows a brief glimpse or two of HLO 163 ...... so..... calling Pete Hart ...... Any idea if I can get hold of a copy ?


  1. The Video is available from 1st take video   I have a copy but can't put my hand on it at the moment.   Cheers   Pete

  2. Many thanks for that info. Pete   Have just ordered a copy.