Thursday, 14 August 2008

Trial cancellations

I gather that the Exe Valley wont be running this year which is a great shame, does anyone know if the Hardy is also under threat (as is sometimes the case) and if so is there anything we can do to help keep it going?


  1. Keith - According to the Woolbridge site the Hardy is on - Michael

  2. I had several conversations with the Woolbridge poeple after last year's F&M forced cancellation, and it was clear then that the "new" (he took over in the previous year) clerk-of-the-course, Vic Fancy, was very keen that the event should continue.   As for the Exe Valley, I believe that Roger Ugalde is happy to continue to be C-of-C for that event, but he needs a Secretary of the Meeting, and a Chief Marshal.  (The previous incumbents were husband & wife.)  Ideally someone based in the Exeter area.   Any ideas Keith?????
    We also need a club that would promote it, but I think that is less of a problem than finding the personnel.

  3. there with ''finding the personnel''........this has been an issue since time immemorial...trouble is, once someone gets up and 'does'....they end up getting stuck with the job for ever......bintheredunthatetc