Friday, 22 April 2005

Gerry Marshall

I understand that saloon car racer and legend Gerry Marshall has died.


  1. A great loss to motorsport if so, one of the truly "larger than life" characters, but also a very talented driver. SimonR

  2. Hi, saw your tribute to Gerry Marshall and I just had to put my tribute to one of the great saloon drivers of all time. I knew Gerry very well and despite now living in Portugal had a tel call from a very good freind who was at Silverstone on that fatefull day. Apparently Gerry was testing a Camero at the HSCC test day and going very quickly! well he never new how to go slow. Anyway he suffered a massive heart attack but still managed to park the Camero at Luffield outside the BRDC bar just like Gerry, bet he wanted that one last Pint ! ! I was privaliged to be Gerry's team mate in Dealer Team Vauxhall back in 84 85 and 86. At the time Gerry was driving an Opel Monza along with his great pal Tony Lanfranchi who died last year from the big C another great driver from the era when having a pint at a race meeting was not frowned upon. Also in the team was John Clealand, James Kaye in the Nova and myself in an Astra GTE. well the one race we did that I shall never forget was at Cadwell Park and after practice in the morning Gerry said right come on down the Pub! so off we trundled for a few pints before the race in the afternoon. Back to Cadwell for the first race which Gerry was in and as my race was not until later on, my wife Nicola and myself made our way to the esses to watch the race. Sure enough Gerry came round in the lead and despite being absolutely flat out he noticed Nicola standing by the esses. For the next 9 laps he waved at her as he went through the esses one handed in the Monza leading the race. What A DRIVER and a GREAT FRIEND Terry Nightingale 

  3. Dear Terry,
    Lovely story. Thanks.
    I think I remember Gerry Marshall taking part on a Motoring News
    Championship night rally here in Wales, I believe in a full
    house Vauxhall Magnum, but I can't be certain.
    Do you know if the Great Man (in every sense) ever ventured off
    the circuits?


  4. Dear Daithecog,
    The first time I met Gerry, was way back in 1867 (or was it 1967) at Vauxhall's test track during a sprint event. He was driving for the first time Bill's Viva. Since then i raced at many meetings with Gerry. The last race we were both at was in Dubai, at the Dubai Grand Prix in 1981. He wanted to buy the huge trophy I got for second place in my race. I think that he did start in motorsport driving in rallies....
    Maybe someone out there from those days can confirm.
    David Ovey

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  5. David,   It's super to hear from you. Interestingly during the day job I have recently come across another driver associated with Vauxhall's around the time Gerry was driving them. Chris Coburn, who ran and drove the rally cars for Dealer Team Vauxhall. Chris is very much alive and kicking. His passion these days is taking canal narrow boats out to sea although he is in the process of acquiring a TR2.   Michael