Monday, 11 April 2005

Sunday Past Times

Did anyone else catch a glimse of a programme called "Sunday Past Times" on Sunday lunchtime?   I just caught a minute of it whilst setting the video.    It had shots of the 1948 or 1949 Gloucester Trial.    By the time I had recovered the two minute sequence was almost over, but I did catch some good stuff on the Nailsworth Ladder.   In particular what is now Roger Ugalde's Allard making an extraordinary climb.
If anyone knows about or has the technology to transfer VHS to a PC I'll put the 30 seconds on the site.   (With glorious Pathe News style comentary )


  1. I have had a mail from Nigel Brown saying "Have just read Simon's posting re the Pathe News item on the Gloucester Trial. I have the whole (3 minutes or so) on VHS video from years back - I thought everyone had probably seen it. But if you've a way to put it on the website - I'll be happy to lend it to you."   Unfortunately I don't have the technology to transfer this to digital format. Can anyone help. If they can we can put it on the web.   Michael    

  2. Didn't Matt Wilmore used to run a business converting cine/8mm etc to VHS?  Presumably he's now entered the digital age. But would there be a copyright issue here?