Monday, 30 March 2009

How did the Kyrle go yesterday?

Wasn't there as I was involved with one of our local trials at Eddlesborough (won by Ed Nikel to follow up his victory on the MGCC Spring Trial last week). How did it go?


  1. Great day out weather was fab, very dry hills sapped all the power out of the engine even when i ran with 20 psi!! i have posted some photos on the site, showing the Imp on its side and after, well done to the organisers Dave

  2. As Dave said exceptionally dry and super power sapping (balancing trye pressures was a tough task)....good fun though. After doing Ebworth last year in Arnie's Melos a 1400 Nova was a bit different to say the least.....goodness those hills are steep!!

    Simon Groves rolled coming off Jill. Both he and Emma are fine, though the car is somewhat dented. Emma was not keen to carry on...


  3. Sorry to hear about cars rolling but happy all the people are OK.
    Good job most opt for a roll cage of some sorts!
    Very good trial, I could not get my head round the right tyre pressures I must say.
    Thanks to Ginny for helping me out a last minute and being brave enough to sit in with me.
    Even when Simons car rolled
    (Hope Emma & Car will be fit for the Lands End)

    I nearly rolled in section three!
    Big thanks to marshalls for hanging on to front of car Very quick!!


  4. Really enjoyed the Kyrle yesterday especially as I got to the finish this time, and not breaking the diff was a huge bonus! My thanks to the organisers and many marshalls who put on a great days entertainment for us all.
    Like the comments above I also had fun and games with tyre pressures, but it just added to the fun........might get used to this beetle one day.

    As to the two unfortunate events that happened, this has given me a bit of a wake up call on the safety front. I deffinately need a hydraulic handbrake in my beetle.........hate to think what would happen if I was coming backwards down a hill on the handbrake and a cable snapped! Maybe that last thought will make me try harder to get up them and not have to come down backwards!


    As John said makes you think about the importance of hyraulic handbrakes, and part roll-cages which both cars had...

  6. A really great day sorryto hear about the mishaps and hope everyone is ok.
    Well done goober on reaching gate 2 on jack in the liege we really flew.

  7. It's not so long ago that a Dellow rolled down Simms and overturned due to failure of the hydraulic handbrake.

  8. I really think its how careful you are reversing back down doesnt matter what type of brake system you have you need to be careful, i worry for the sport when the general public see cars upside down as did some passers by on Bluebell not good!!

  9. I am glad you all enjoyed the Kyrle, the conditions were difficult for us the organisers. we only had tyre pressure restrictions on 8 of the 16 hills. As has been said in such dry conditions you have to be even more carful when backing down a hill as cars do not slide they just dig in. Trying to turn around is also not a good idea, this caused one incident.
    It would be better in an open forum like this if no mention was made of cars rolling, you do not know who is reading it.
    Stuart Harrold