Saturday, 28 March 2009

Kyrle Trial 2009

Hi all,
last minute I know.
Lost all my usual passengers due to family commitments.
Any one want a ride in a Liege Class 7 in the Kyrle this sunday
please ring me on 07969 459735

Thanks Steve

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  1. Hi there,
    A special thanks to Ginny for being so brave (or daft) to sit next to me in the Kyrle, we nearly rolled it on the 3rd section.
    I think Ginny is very good at keeping calm!.

    When the Ford Escort rolled at the sections Jack & Jill, Ginny stayed put!

    I had a great days trialing the weather was brilliant.
    Well done to all at the Kyrle for your all efforts &
    Cheers to Ginny,Jules,Ched for a FUN day.
    We had a proper Liege Lunch!
    Thanks again