Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Message for spence49bristles

Hello - Can you confirm your real name in order I can let you in (see our rules)

I guess its Alan Spence but I'm not sure.

We are a real names group. So if you don't use your real name as your ID we need to let the members know who you are by adding you to the Key to user ID's


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  1. Welcome on board Alan Spencer - who owns the 'Parsons-Ford' a class 8 special, that he has run for 4yrs following 15 yrs with a class 1
    1967 Mini (Chalk to cheese). Member of Bristol Pegasus Motor Club, Mcc and the Cotswold Motor Sport Group. Also compete
    in Rallying, Sprint and Hill Climb, Auto Solo and Auto test, and of course L/D Trialing, looking forward to joining thanks...spence