Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Trials Car for Sale

  • 1968 Scimitar special
  •  V6 All adjustable suspension
  •  Jaguar close ratio gearbox,
  •  4 star diff. 15 ins wheels
This car has done two trials and 1500 road miles since construction.It took four years to complete! The parts bill was £6000. The engine has had a rebuild and all new parts were used in the construction were possible. It can be lowered for road or track use in the summer and used for trials in the winter.It has a correct V5 and is registered as a Scimitar convertible 1968 so has free road tax as is on SORN at present but will be sold with 12 months MOT.Viewing is recommended. All offers considered. I do not really want to put it on Ebay !  Call Ross on 01763 853185.or

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Ross Nuten


  1. How well did the car do in the two events it entered?
    What is the wheelbase?
    What's the back axle?
    What does it weigh?
    I can't help feeling that the Ford V6 puts too much weigh on the front, especially with the Jag gearbox.
    Haven't we seen this car here or on the old site before?

  2. Ross has just told me the car has been sold.

  3. Do we know the person who has bought it?

  4. I didn't ask Ross. May very well be one of our local triallers. There are quite a few Class 7 & 8 cars that only do the "field trials" in the Home Counties and East Anglia. Some of these tend to be more like single venue classics than BTRDA type PCT's. I think its two trials were local ones.

  5. The black car in the background of the picture.
    is that the trials car used by the Ant Hill Mob??

  6. I am the lucky person who has bought this car.

    Currently i am doing a few modifications to make it more comfortable for me and then I hope to put it to work.

    When the weather gets a bit warmer I will enter it for both PCT Events and also ACTC events which are not too far from home. All being well it may even get a try at hill Climbs and Sprints.

    It is very lively on the road and feels a bit too tail happy on roundabouts so a cautious right foot is required.

    At present I do the MCC Trials and a few ACTC events in my red 318 BMW. With last years cold Exeter Trial in mind it will definitely be in the BMW next January.


    James Smith

  7. Looking forward to seeing it James.