Sunday, 18 February 2007

Aquaplane Inlet Manifold - what have I got?

I purchased the inlet manifold in this photo second hand some while ago - I have just tried to fit a set of HS2 SU carbs to them and they do not fit. The centres of the fixing holes on the SU carbs are 64.22 mm apart whereas on my inlet manifold they are 54.15 mm apart. So what inlet manifold have I got and what carbs will fit? Thanks.  Tony
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  1. i think you have 1 1/4" carbs and should have 1 1/8" ones

  2. 1 1/8" or even 1" SU carbs needed....notice studs are vertically placed.....?   For these, you'll need to search the ads, jumbles, etc.   they are the SU's with the brass fittings, and the choke arrangement that looks like a mass of levers.   For the twin setup (I have one or two....but they're in use) the throttle linkage looks like sprung clamps.....also, the carbs dont have springs in the dashpots, just weighted pistons.   Maybe the Aquaplane manifolds made in recent times by Belcher, and now Smallfordspares, will have bores and stud spacings more suited to 'modern' SU's?   If a problem, why not make up your own manifolds?

  3. The manifold is for a 11/8 or 11/4 SU type H carb
    I have a set of 11/8 carbs and a manifold for 11/4 see pic

    The 11/8 are supposed to be better for the 1172 engine but the type H carb suffers from leakage when they get old

    When I use twin carbs ( got a single on at the moment ) I use the twin standard carbs on a Aquaplane manifolds see pic
    I find these better and they stay in tune for years. I used them on the Buckler back in the 80's and may go mad and fit them on the Pop !!


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  4. Thanks everybody - so has anyone got a manifold they would wish to trade / sell suitable for HS2?