Tuesday, 5 October 1999

Edinburgh - By Andrew Brown

Michael -
Looks great (so far) but, at present, I'm finding it totally impossible to
get my 'Passport' and join. I'll keep trying! ... and ... How do you find
the time to do all this??

I assume that the Trial was 'cut short' as per the Route Card - I was
running #146 and we did Putwell 2 as did everyone that finished around the
same time. The early delays at Excelsior were due to the petrol problem plus
a large number of the bikes then failing (or so I believe - we certainly saw
quite a few whilst we were waiting).

I failed the Litton Restart and Great Hucklow - the first driver
error/hesitation in selecting the right place to stop, the second bad luck
(or so the spectators said!) in clipping the most exposed rock at the
deviation with a front wheel that stopped the car dead and slewed me 90
degrees across the track. We exited up the failures route, parked, and
walked down to see how it should have been done - better luck next year!


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