Monday, 25 October 1999

Tamar Classic Trial

This morning managed to get into Classical Gas, its a great idea. I did the Tamar yesterday in my Troll, good trial, very well organised. I thought that the class 7 & 8 only hill was a bit too rough, I like a challenge but not breaking the car. Any other thoughts on this?


  1. Stuart,
    Welcome, great you have joined the community. Hope you didn't have to much of a struggle to sign up. I know some people are still trying to get in but can't get through Microsoft's passport interrogation.
    The poit you make about rough trials hills is interesting. It seems organisers can't please everyboddy. I havn't done the Tamar myself, its a long way from where I live in Bedfordshire and I was working this Sunday anyway.
    Hopefully we will get some other comments. There are quite a few people who look in on the community and read the messages but are not yet members. Perhaps they can fight their way through the sign up procedure, sign up and let us know!
    Best wishes

  2. What a good Trial ! From a two-wheel point of view the
    section Morden ,which I assume is the one you refer to
    is certainly challenging to say the least, this year I
    managed to clean it but my arms were ready to drop off
    at the end , this was on an old BSA with about 4inches of suspension movement. The hill has progressively got worse and is now down to bedrock- as a lot of them are! so it can't really get any worse.
    John Lees Penzance.

  3. E-Mail from Mike Warnes who hasn't beaten his way through "Passport" yet.
    Hi Michael,

    Just a couple of pictures to show that some of the sections of the Tamar Trial were a bit rough! I only had one puncture - but still ended up with no spare as Keith managed three!   The hood an argument with a tree and the rear silencer objected to traveling off the side of a section backwards!



    (I have put Mikes pics in the photo album,

  4. Michael, thanks for the welcome, getting the Microsoft passport was a major challenge to me, a non computer literate.
    Back to the Tamar and rough sections. A good check around the Troll after its wash shows steering arms badly bent and a ruined wire wheel. Yes we pay for the plesure! of doing this to our cars. But the nub of my moan is that I climbed the very rough Morden hill despite having punctured, ruined a wheel, tyre and tube and bent the steering but I did fail some of the other non damaging hills, so what is the point of using very rough hills? But it was a good trial, super start, plenty of space to park and a queue free signing on. Well done the club. I hope to have the Troll repaired and out on the Allen, thats if I am lucky enough to get an entry.

  5. Hi from MikeW - thanks to MikeL  for posting my email  as you can see I have now managed to get a passport.
    Morden was interesting in the Husky, 1995 we broke a diff here, 1996 failed the restart and this year, my third attempt, failed to get around the markers - however I did manage to get to the top!
    Unfortunately I have not got an entry in the Allen, but hope to enter the Hardy
    See you all soon

  6. Stuart
    You had better get your spanners going as you have got an entry in the Allen. The entry is now full with reserves so if you don't succeed it will make someones day !

  7. Spanners and Migmate will be at full chat tomorrow after I have finished watching Mikka and Eddie slugg it out - I'm optimistic that the Imp will be running in plenty of time; and I'm looking foward to the Allen which I enjoyed last year. By the way Pete, any chance of moving the pub to the other side of the main road to make the journey home a little less stressfull ?

  8. Just after I posted the above reply I realised that Pete was not referring to me Stuart Cairney but to Stuart Harrold, never mind, if my entry got there in time I'll be there......

  9. Stuart Cairney this time.
    It did so you have  so keep the spanners flying.