Tuesday, 5 October 1999

RAC(MSA)/BTRDA PCT Championship Review

The start of the season started off with some very wet events, and generally conditions have been getting drier and drier.

The largest battle for class honers has been in Class A, for non-ballasted fwd cars. Nick Pollitt and Simon Harris (Golf Gti's) and Barrie Parker (Pug 104), have all won the class and events. Barrie won the MSA championship at the Owen, a few weeks ago. Nick and Simon took second and third in the championship. The class has been very popular throughout the year, and Mike and Duncan Stephens have been doing some events in Neil Mackay's old Nova, a very competitive car. Shame about the drivers!!! There have been battles for class position all year. Jeff Buchanen (Nova) has won the class award.

The Loughborough Youth Squad, have been a very welcome inclusion at three events, and were getting the hand of it. At there own event one of them was third in class at lunch (out of about 15), but fell back as it got tighter. Very comendable nonetheless.

Class B has kind of lost compititors through the year, as it appears that the way forward in fwd is in class A. The Clarke's and Lane's have done some events though, and won the class on each time out.

Class C, rwd generally, has been ultra competitive all year, apart from when Bill and Alistair Moffatt in a 915cc Imp come out!! It has been very tight between Malcolm Brown (Westfield), Steve Courts (Imp), Duncan and Mike Stephens (1302s beetle) and Matt Barker (Skoda). Different conditions have suited different cars, but competition has been very close. Duncan Stephens has managed to tie up the class award in the MSA, due to Bill Moffatt not entering!

Class D, kitcars etc., has been strugling for entries in the latter half of the year, but that has not stopped Jack Williams dominating the class in his umbelievable Tempest.

The BTRDA gold star will be decided on the 17th October, at the championship final. Marshalls would be very welcome, as always. It is being run by Owen MC at there usual site. MR will follow!! The silver star is between Nick Pollitt and Jack Williams, and the Bronze is probably nearly in Malcolm Brown's hands already.



  1. Many thanks for this report Duncan. I think it's a good illustration of how we can use this new web community to communicate very quickly. Event reports, sales and wants. The world is open.

  2. Hi,
    I have posted a copy of the "official" RAC PCT results chard over in the photo album.