Wednesday, 20 October 1999

Help wanted with old members.

Help ! My name is Chris Ball. My farter was a member of the F.M.C in the 60's, his name is John Ball. Dad used to rally with Peter Turner in a Tornado Talisman. I have been intouch with Dave from the Tornado regestery, we are trying to locate any information from around that time. Is anybody out there from around that time or could you put me on to any body. We moved to Canada on 1975 so there is not much to go on from here.Please get back to me at

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  1. Chris,
    Thanks for joining the community. I don't remember your Dad but I do remember Peter Turner who was arounfd when I joined Falcon in 1968. When I knew Peter he was actually driving a Turner, It was a fibreglass "kit car" and Peter's was Green. He was well known for not fixing it himself.
    I will copy your note in the Falcon magazine. I am sure we will get some info.