Saturday, 16 October 1999

Simms and Stuff

Fred (Dutton Melos) Gregory is down in Devon on holiday and naturally dropped in at Simms to update his pace notes! He sent me a postcard saying that the farm on the right is for sale, including the escape road. Guess the MCC need to do some PR work with the new owner. Would affect the Torbay as well as they use this as the entry track rather than going thru the village.

On another subject we have quite a few people drop by the community to read the messages but are not members. As there's no way to add a counter we don't know how many but I have had a few e-mails and phone calls so people out there are reading your stuff members.

Hey you lurkers why don't you sign up!



  1. The MCC are 'on the case' already - and have been since the Summer. I only know 'by default' but any MCC Committee member should be able to give you the latest.

  2. The MCC went to the auction armed with enough cash to buy the land if neccessary but did not. The land was sold to a local who has watched the trial all his life, and his father before him.

    Just in case it all went wrong, before the sale was made the MCC obtained a legal right to use the escape road one a year for the next 35 years.

    It is up to Torbay to negotiate, but it does not look like aproblem. At least the Exeter is safe.

  3. What fantastic news , the MCC Committee never fail, to have done a Bluehills was not necessary after all! what support from the locals ! don't forget to buy plenty of food from the caravan at the top and a donation as well ,they deserve it with all us dirty lot going through their village (quietly of course),
    John Lees.