Thursday, 7 October 1999

What's in a name?

As I compile the ACTC Trials Section Database, I come across Sections that have been known by more than one name so I thought I'd share this information with you all and see if anyone knows any others:

Historic Names

  • Today's Calton was known PreWar as Taddington Moor.

  • Today's Corkscrew was known PreWar as Jenkins Chapel.

  • Today's Crooked Mustard was known PreWar as Breakheart.

  • Today's Darracott was known for the 1933 Lands End only as Gooseham.

  • Today's Swan Rake was known as Hollinsclough until 1937.

  • Today's Travers was previously known as Ubley Drove.

  • Today's John Walker was previously known as Hall Lane.

Duplicated Names

  • Bidgood Lane (Silverton) = Port Lane (Minehead).

  • Bray Hill (Holsworthy) = High Bray (North Devon).

  • Crackington (MCC) = Mineshop (Launceston).

  • Higher Gabwell (MCC) = Higher Shells (Torbay).

  • Rocky Thomas (MCC) = Milltown (Camel Vale).

  • Upper Dean (MCC) = Lower Dean (Torbay) - strange but true, I think. Can anyone confirm?

Any others?



  1. Tog Hill was called Doynton Lane and the upper section no longer used what else but upper Doynton Lane
    Pete Hart

  2. Hello Andrew,

    Theres another name for the Pre-War Trials Hill "Tin Pan Alley" which is pictured in wheelspin but I cant remember what it is. Do you know?


  3. Kevin -
    Tin Pan Alley was also known as Tramps Paradise but I don't actually know which trials used which name. The section is still there, and can be found easily, just off the main road from Berkeley to Dursley, to the right immediately after crossing the motorway, at GR 162/731998. It's quite overgrown but still potentially usable (although pretty easy for most current trials cars) but the exit road is very narrow and passes close to several houses. I'm not sure of it's current status, it's shown on the OS as a RUPP but this doesn't (currently) prevent it from being a UCR as well!