Sunday, 10 October 1999

Updated Edinburgh Notes

Falcon Members:-
256 Fred Gregory and Peter Stafford (Dutton Melos) (7) - Failed Pindale and Hucklow
268 Jonathon Baggott and Ian Banton (Marlin) (7) - Retired after Excelsior
Barry Clarke retired his Austin 7 on the track after Hucklow with a dead battery. He was hoping to limp to his hotel using only dynamo power.
Derek Chatto (Cannon) Winner of JTP cup
Andrew Brown (Marlin)- Failed Litton and Hucklow.
Adrian T-P (Peugeot) failed Litton and Bamford
W. J. Bennett (MG J2) won class 2
David Heale (Escort estate) won class 3
Terry Ball won class 6 but then he was the only starter!
Roger Ugalde won class 7 in that wonderful Allard
Pete and Carlie Hart won a Gold in their Marlin
In the bikes John lees won Class A


  1. Feel very honoured to have had a mention,what a communication system! John Lees PZ.

  2. Interesting to see how the other Falcons fared - Great Hucklow looks pretty muddy from the picture of Simon Robson.
    One small point - Bill Rosten drives the dark green Imp which has always had a conventional Imp engine (currently 930cc).
    The Mazda engined class 7 Imp is the orange one driven by Bob Saunders.
    Looking foward to the full report in Classical Gas